Looking forward

Yearning for change


Dear reader,

As the founding father of Yearn, I'd like to share a few words with you because you're one of those people I asked for help, insights or feedback to make Yearn what it is today. A few days ago, you've received an email regarding our new product YearnPRO. 

This is what we've learned

As great as it may seem, unfortunately, you don't build a new product for no reason. Yearn, the referral platform as we all know it will stop as of January first. We tested, developed, validated, build and started over again a few times throughout the last 2 years. The conclusion is that it for us, at this point in time, in this market, it was impossible to create a sustainable business model around our dream.

I can speak for the team as a say that it feels like a defeat. Yearning for recruitment to change, we started Yearn in 2015. Of course, 'If we knew then, what we know now', oh well, we did what we did with the best intentions and from a true believe we could make a change. 

What's next?

As of January 2018, we will stop all current activities of Yearn as we know it. Instead, YearnPRO (the pilot we started this summer, which is currently running in beta), will take its place and will be running at the domain www.yearn.com.  

What can you do?

Not much at the moment. But please, if you have any ideas, questions, remarks, feedback or tips for Yearn, let us know. 

In the meantime, enjoy the holiday season and we wish you an amazing 2018. 

Thank you for everything,