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Unlocking opportunities for each other. 


Recruitment that works for you

Finding a good job can be difficult. Searching takes a lot of time. Opportunities are scattered all over the place and the best ones never make it to the internet. There are services that could help, but because they're paid by companies, you're limited to their portfolio. 

Yearn brings together relevant opportunities from all different sources on one simple, online platform. We believe recruitment should be about you and what you want in your career. That's why we decided to turn the business-model of recruitment literally upside down by working for you instead of the company. 

Yearn offered me a lot of interesting opportunities that I didn’t find on any other channel. They arranged interviews on short notice and directly with the C-level decision-maker at the company.
— Jules, Product Director @ Paylogic (hired through YearnPRO)

How it works


We get to know you 

Start by building your personal profile. We want to know more than your skills, age and experience. Tell us what makes you tick and what you find important in a company? Add your job preferences so we can suggest the best opportunities. 


Find opportunities

It's hard to know where to start looking. That's why we bring opportunities from all sources together on one clear platform. We suggest opportunities that might be interesting for you, but you can also add companies yourself. Easily search and shortlist the ones you find interesting. 


Meet & greet

We introduce you to the relevant people within your favorite companies using the our warm connections. When a company is interesting in you too, we share the contact details. 


Can we help you?

During our early-bird phase, we focus on senior-level professionals with a proven track record in Product, Technology, Marketing, Sales, Finance & Legal, who: 

Are looking for, or open to opportunities at amazing start-ups, scale-ups and grown-ups

Do not have the time to spend hours looking for opportunities online 

Do not want to be harassed by recruiters 

Prefer to speak to the relevant people within a company directly 


Is your company looking for A-players? You don't pay us for introductions or hires. Have a look at our 'offer you can't refuse'.  


What's in it for you


All opportunities, one platform

While you're busy with your job, amazing opportunities appear and disappear. Some of them are never even posted online. Yearn brings all relevant opportunities together on one simple platform. We’re constantly keeping an eye out for companies and jobs that fit your profile. Don't be limited to your own network, use ours 


Easy to use 

We’re your personal recruiter to whom you outsource all your career-related needs. Search, browse or receive updates on relevant opportunities. We suggest opportunities based on what you find important. That can be anything from company culture, phase, field or industry. Shortlist your favorite opportunities on your wishlist and use our warm connections to be introduced.


Speak to people that matter 

When we put you forward to a company, we make sure you're presented in the best possible way. We do not introduce you just to anyone, but to relevant people we know within the company. This way someone with in depth knowledge about the company and the role decides if they can offer what you're looking for. And when that's not the case, you still have an interesting new connection. 




Yearn works for you, no matter where you are in your job search. Never miss a thing. 

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  • Opportunities based on your profile
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  • Monthly personal update
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