Refer people you know to killer jobs and get rewarded.

Become a Superconnector

Being a Superconnector is super easy
and rewarding

This is how
it works

  • Receive curated job openings

    1 Yearn will only share open jobs relevant to your expertise and network with you. Each job we share has been curated and reviewed carefully by our team.

  • Unlock your network

    2 You’re working in a certain field. That means you should know people who are suitable for a job in that field. Know anyone that would make a good fit and is interested? Recommend right away.

  • Recommend talent & boost your network

    3 Hit the ‘Recommend button’ and tell us why you feel this person is a good fit. Your network is instantly strengthened, because you can now count on eternal gratitude.

  • Beam up your referral

    4 At Yearn we do a final sanity check to make sure your referral is indeed a good match. Then we beam it up to the company! Fingers crossed!

Rewards along the way

  • Interviewed

    Receive €100 Dinner coupon when your first recommendation gets a face-to-face interview. And, earn €50 at when your 3rd makes it to face-to-face interview!

  • Hired!

    You will receive €1000 if your referral results in a successful hire! Yearn pays out, as soon as your referral starts its new job.

  • Signed

    When your candidate signs a contract, we grant him or her a signing bonus of €250.

  • Extras

    And there’s more to expect! We love our active Superconnectors and we like to share the love. We don’t tell you how, you’ll just need to experience that...

Robert Novotny

Lead Customer Success Manager
at Hatch

“Yearn’s idea brings a new perspective on recruiting since it’s leveraging personal connections and tapping into pools of similar-minded professionals. This disruptive approach can certainly bring both short and long-term results.”

– Amsterdam, November 2016

Alexander Ket

Business Development
at Zilverline

“I believe a new era of social- and local economy has arrived. An era where people want to work with their passion and talent, enjoying a more meaningful life. Yearn supports this: helping my friends finding the right job.”

– Amsterdam, November 2016

Peter Paul Van Der Werff

Project Manager
at Business Insider NL

“You know the skills, drive and dedication of the people in your network. As a Yearn Superconnector, you get the opportunity to lead them to great new jobs. And if it's a match, receive a good fee in return.”

– Amsterdam, December 2016

Get rewarded, while boosting your network.

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