Wanted: Superconnectors

Join an exclusive network of influencers, industry experts and business professionals. Strenghten your network and earn some money along the way!


Receive a curated job opening

Yearn brings you open jobs relevant to your network.

Recommend talent

Share professionals from your network with companies yearning for talent.

Get paid

Get rewarded if your effort results in a successful hire!

How it Works

Our clients post their jobs on Yearn to ask the best people we know- our Superconnectors, for the best people they know- the talent.

That’s where you come in. As clients post their jobs, Yearn qualifies the position and description, then pushes it to Superconnectors who are most likely to be connected to the right talent. Then, Superconnectors recommend Yearn the best people they know for the job.


  • You know your marketplace
    Whether it’s specific roles (sales, marketing, development), specific industries (ICT, retail, finance) or experience levels (junior, mid-level, senior).
  • You know your network
    You know the best person for the job, if he/she is the correct fit for what the client needs.
  • You deliver- fast and with quality
    The client needs the best talent now. Yearn aims to deliver, and we need you to help.

What is Yearn

100% Curated, personal and private.

Yearn is an inner crowd talent platform, revolutionizing the way hiring works.

Imagine a platform where readily available jobs are distributed to a curated network of well-connected professionals eager to recommend the best people they know within days.

It cuts out the costs, time, administration and risks in finding, filtering, qualifying and selecting the right talent for a job.

Join our network of Superconnectors!