"Within a week I had a great interview, and now I'm hired"

This is the story of Jules van Kempen. After great years at KLM and Bol.com, he was looking for an opportunity at a smaller company with great potential. Through Yearn, he found just that. In January 2018 he will start as the new Product Director of Paylogic.

I’ve been working in digital development for over 10 years, of which the last 6 I managed Product Owners and Product Managers. At KLM I was responsible for innovating and improving the services KLM offered to its customers from the moment they booked a ticket to when they checked in for their flight. During my time at Bol.com, I worked on strategies and tactics to improve the shopping experience with several product development teams. I had a great time at both companies, but I felt the urge to make the move to a smaller organization. I wanted to focus fully on inventing new solutions and products instead of spending much time on aligning internal stakeholders.

Usually, when I would look for a new opportunity, I would either check my own network, search on LinkedIn or contact headhunters. However, finding something is always difficult. I noticed that most jobs are filled internally before they are posted online. Also, my network was limited when I came to warm connections at interesting scale-ups. Headhunters often work, however then you’re still limited to their portfolio and they generally don’t link you to companies they don’t have a working (paying) relation with.

Someone told me about Yearn and I expected a headhunter-like experience. But I was wrong! In October 2017 I joined as a member and within one week I was interviewing with the CMO of Fietsenwinkel.nl. Yearn worked great for me because there were a lot of relevant opportunities for me as a Product Director or CPO than at any other channel. Also, it’s very convenient to have all opportunities in one place. Also, I like the fact that I was introduced directly to the C-level leaders of the companies. This saves a lot of time.

I do believe I would have found a new job without Yearn, but it would have taken me a lot longer and I don’t think I would have found such an interesting opportunity as I did now. After several interviews, I was hired as Product Director at Paylogic.

To summarize, Yearn offered me a lot of interesting CPO/Product Director opportunities that I did not find through any other channel. Besides that, they arranged interviews on very short notice and directly with the C-level decision-maker at the company.

After the experience I had with Yearn, I find it pretty logical to pay for a membership. You really notice the difference with a service that works for your interest, instead of for a company.

If you are looking for interesting opportunities, I would definitely recommend becoming a member of Yearn.