Finding a job within one month.

This is the story of Andre Zijdveld. Within a month after joining Yearn he found an amazing job at CNBB where he will be CFO.

After studying Business Economics in Rotterdam, and getting my MBA, I pursued a career in Finance. I started in administration and worked my way up via analyst to controller and later to Finance Director. In this growth of experience, the role I filled became broader. After being involved in several IPO’s I found my first job as a CFO about 10 years ago for Siemens in Germany.

Working for a great corporate like Siemens, made me realize that I wanted to make the switch to smaller organizations. At a start-up or scale-up, the dynamics are just different and that attracted me. Initiating change, being involved in the full process from a to z, and seeing the results, is what makes a job fulfilling for me.

My previous job, as a CFO for InSided was very interesting. I was, among other things, part of setting up the entity in the United States and created a new internal report system for the board. Unfortunately, the risk of a smaller organization is that things change quickly, and after they decided to downsize, I had to enter the job market again.

Usually, when I would look for opportunities, I would reach out to headhunters, recruitment agencies or contact people within my network. My experience with some agencies and headhunters is mostly that they work for their own good. You don’t hear anything back or experience a very big variety in professionality among agencies. Common problem is communication and feedback and it’s not clear what the next steps are.

I found Yearn through my personal network. What I liked was that Yearn was very concrete from the start. Immediately, they showed me possible opportunities and suggested interesting companies. I didn’t expect they would find me a job, but the first experience was very good. I told them which opportunities I found interesting and they introduced me. A big benefit is that Yearn skipped the corporate recruiters, but directly reached out to the relevant people within a company. This led to 2 interesting interviews within a week from sign-up.

One of the 2 interviews resulted in more conversations and in the end, I signed the contract within a month of signing up to Yearn. The role I found, as CFO for CNBB really fit my profile and I find the company’s challenges very interesting. It was great that I was able to speak to the relevant people within the company directly, this made connecting with them easier and eventually resulted in me signing the contract.

I think the way Yearn uses the network is great. You get pro-active help in your job search and find opportunities that are not yet on the internet.