join us on our mission

Yearn was founded late 2015 with the ambition to change the way recruitment works and we've been unlocking opportunities ever since. We have now successfully launched Yearn, build on a foundation of almost 2 decades of recruitment experience. We literally turn the world of recruitment upside down, only working for candidates instead of companies.

Let us explain you exactly how and why we do that:


Traditional recruitment charges the employer when a vacancy has been successfully fulfilled – usually, a substantial percentage of your freshly negotiated annual salary is transferred to the recruiters’ bank account.

This means that traditional recruitment is primarily focused on satisfying employers. Candidates themselves are of secondary interest. The traditional recruiter doesn’t honestly have your interest at heart. You are a commodity.

You’ve probably felt this, for example when a recruiter contacts you with career opportunities you’re actually not really interested in. Or they reach out to you with vacancies you’ve already found yourself online. And after the first month, you’ve probably experienced that your recruiters’ call ratio drops rapidly, until you never hear from them…That’s because only the latest candidates are top of mind with traditional recruiters. In other words: You’re quickly becoming obsolete.



That’s why we’ve decided to turn the recruitment business upside down. In order to align our interest as a recruiter with your personal career interest, we’ve decided to start charging you, instead of the employer.

This apparently simple intervention has some serious implications that turn out to be very beneficial for you: Since it’s you who pays us, we need you to be satisfied. This means you will  always stay on top of our list and phone calls will not slowly die out. We pro-actively help you in your job-search and we only contact you with career opportunities that are relevant to you. Note that we validate our network to be of relevance to you first, before we activate you as a member.

Employers are often reluctant to share vacancies with traditional recruiters, because they’re not willing to pay them. But we’re in the know about those hidden opportunities: since we don’t charge employers, they’re more than happy to share their talent needs with us.

When you are interested in an opportunity, rely on us to make sure you’re introduced in the most effective way, meaning: don't get in line with a corporate recruiter, hoping they call you back. Instead, you're being introduced directly to the relevant people within the company.

We’ve been working in recruitment for almost 2 decades. Trust us in that we feel proud turning this industry upside down, by making your success our success.