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48 h.
SUPER FAST The average time it takes to get your first referrals
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of professionals agree referrals are the best way to attract talent Balderton Talent Survey 2016

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The benefits of using Yearn

Tap into superconnector powers

Yearn offers you a platform of influential Superconnectors. People who are successful and very well connected in their industry and field of expertise. They know best who is suitable and available for a certain job, by default including those who’re not actively seeking a new position as well.

What our clients say


“Because we are a startup/scaleup and our hiring process is still subject to change, it's really good we can only have the best people put forward through Yearn and their network of Superconnectors."

Ruud van der Linden


What our clients say


"We are growing the team rapidly and new talent is required all the time. Because we are just getting started, and our talent pipeline and company branding are still a work in process, it's really good we can rely on Yearn and their network of Superconnectors to help us find the right talent."

Quentine Stoc

Hiring Manager

Proven higher quality of candidates

Our Superconnectors know candidates on a personal level, meaning they’re aware of their hard skills and their soft skills, relevant to the job. On top of that, all referrals are filtered by our Client Success Managers. They always run a sanity check and in case of unclarity, they’ll contact the Superconnectors. All to make sure you only get the right talent.

No success fee

Agency recruiters typically charge 20% of a candidate’s annual salary. At Yearn you pay a fixed price per month, so no expensive success fee after an hire. With your Yearn subscription you can hire as as you want and continuously fill up your pipeline with curated for talent. More info on pricing

What our clients say

Now Interact

“We tried out Yearn and we managed to find the right candidate fairly quickly. We like the fact that Yearn offers a more personal solution to finding the right talent through their network of Superconnectors, which ultimately made our hiring process cost-effective and more efficient.”

Gijs Bos

Managing Director

What our clients say


“On November 9th, we created a job on the Yearn platform. The same day, the job was qualified by Yearn and shared with 158 Superconnectors. The following day we received the first candidates, including our next employee. On November 21st we signed the contract!”

Toon Timmermans



You’re supersizing your network instantly by using Yearn: We evaluate and select the best referrals from Superconnectors and beam them up to you. No need to go through dozens of CV’s of candidates that aren’t a good fit for your needs.

Make hiring simple again

No more searching your inbox for that one candidate's email. No more endless reading of cover letters and CV’s. All candidates are referred to you through our platform and and you can check your progress in your own dashboard at any time. This makes the sourcing procedure as simple as grabbing a cup of coffee.

What our clients say


“Working with Yearn is time saving & very easy, the platform basically speaks for itself. We get updated by Yearn all the time on the statuses of our jobs and recommendations.”

Niki Nijssen

Executive Assistant

So, we do things different at Yearn

Fixed price

no success fee






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