Finding the right talent
has never been easier

Hiring from your own network means hiring skills you can trust. With Yearn, gain access to the largest qualified network of talent. Our Superconnectors are selected based on their know how of market, expertise, roles and network.

Delivering the right talent for
 your open jobs in a fraction of the time traditional hiring takes, without the administration or risk. No longer dealing with multiple suppliers, various fees or paying too much.


Describe what specific talent you are looking for.


Yearn activates your account, and puts Superconnectors to work.


Deliver the best talent for the position.

How Yearn Works

Clients share jobs with Yearn, we ask the best people we know: our Superconnectors, for the best people they know: the talent.

The best of the best talent are delivered to our clients within days.

We are revolutionizing the way you find talent. How? We introduced a curated inner crowd talent platform.

Yearn brings readily qualified jobs to a hand-picked network of well-connected industry experts and influencers who are ready to recommend the right talent for a job. Together we are changing the way you find talent - making it faster, easier and about people again.

Subscription pricing


1 job opening at a time




5 jobs openings at a time




10 jobs openings at a time


  • • Prices are for annual subscription, billed annually

  • • Subscriptions renew automatically • Cancel at any time

  • Contact us at for more options.

On successful hire

Only when you’ve found the right talent for your job, pay a small fee based on the annual salary of your new hire.

Salary indication

  • Up to €40k
  • €40 - 60k
  • €60 - 80k
  • €80 - 100k
  • €100k and more

Fee you pay

  • €4000
  • €6000
  • €8000
  • €10000
  • €15000

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