We are Yearn.

Welcome to our team!


Two years ago, we launched our mission

to change the way recruitment works

The founding team of Yearn has combined over 40 years of recruitment experience. Over the last 2 decades they had the pleasure to recruit, train, coach and mentor hundreds of people. Many have continued their professional careers within the business as well as many other industries. Some even started their own successful ventures. 


Over those years the guys started to notice a lot of ‘pains’ in recruitment. 

For companies, finding the right talent is an expensive, slow and inefficient process. They waste a lot of time on reviewing applicants through job boards, or spend a lot of money on agencies and head-hunters. Meanwhile the best people, are often still working somewhere and not actively searching for a new opportunity. 

People who are looking for a job are pointed to social networks, job boards or company careers sites. This, if they only have a clue what type of company would fit them and then still they have to ‘sell’ themselves. Another thing is that 80% of opportunities is not even online yet! 

When you ask people how they found their current job, most will say “via-via” or “someone I worked with told me about it”. And that’s when I started realizing something; the best matches are made through personal connections. Not only does someone you know, like to keep an eye out for you, this person is also probably able to provide a lot of useful information about you to the company you’re applying for. 


That’s how Yearn was founded. We needed to built a transparent, simple platform where talent people go to recommend or get recommended to amazing companies. We build a strong team, combining experience and fresh minds and together we started building, testing, marketing and selling. 

It has been a fun, interesting, and sometimes bumpy road since then, and we learned a lot.

We tried an app in our early days, but realized the majority of people preferred desktop back then. We have seen people come and go, but the constant factor was the willingness of our network. Over 2.500 users from the Amsterdam area have joined us, opening their network to more than 40 amazing companies. Great people, found their new job via Yearn, some of which where not even aware that they might wanted to make the switch!

I speak for the whole team as I say, we really believe that we can disrupt this market. Take away the pains and make recruitment about people again. Join our movement, be part of it!

Happy Yearning! 

Kaan, Steven, Eline, Tim & Maurice


Meet the band


"After 15 years in recruitment, I knew it was time for a change"


Kaan Anit - Founder & chairman @ Yearn



Kaan anit

People describe me as entrepreneurial, result-driven and a peoples' person. Some even call me fun.

Summer 2015, I initiated Yearn, trying to take away the 'pains' in the recruitment process.  

I'm so proud of the change we've been able to make so far. Over 2.500 people believe in our mission and joined us! Let's keep up the good work! 


I jumped on board with Yearn and knew the challenges ahead. I love how we've been able to make a change as a team”

Steven Veenendaal - Co-founder & CEO @ Yearn


Steven veenendaal

Innovating the recruitment business is a constant effort throughout my professional career.

I believe that Yearn has the potential to make hiring people significantly faster, cheaper and most importantly better.

It is my mission to make that happen! 


Schermafbeelding 2017-10-04 om 09.23.54.png

Tim Goedhart - marketing

If everyone with a drivers-license can be a cab-driver for Uber, everyone with a network can be a recruiter for Yearn. That phrase always stood by me in the time I've been with Yearn. I love being part of a company that is really disrupting an old-fashioned industry. 

At Yearn I am responsible for on- and offline marketing, advertising, copywriting, email-marketing, customer journeys, onboarding/retention and website. With these efforts I try to support sales, client success and product in every way possible. 


Eline Botter - Operations & Customer Success

At Yearn I'm responsible for the success of our clients and Superconnectors, our operation, the legal part and (as I keep on joking) everything the rest isn't doing.

I'm really proud to work at a company with such a disrupting goal. My goal is to not only change the recruitment market with the Yearn team, but with all of us.


Maurice Groenhart - product

After living and working for almost two years in San Francisco I moved back and decided to join Yearn to change the way recruitment works. 

As Head of Product I’m responsible for all product related stuff and our continuous efforts to build a product you are yearning for.


Advisory board


Quintin Schevernels

For more than 15 years I have been working in executive roles for leading media companies and start-ups. Starting up businesses, scaling them up or transforming them. I have been working for listed companies (Randstad and Telegraaf Media Groep), companies financed with venture capital (i.e. Layar) and companies funded by private equity (VNU Media). I have started, transformed, merged, grew, bought, sold but also downsized and stopped businesses. With ups and downs. Over the years I found out I am particularly strong in managing change. Either scaling up or transforming. My track record reflects this.


Cemal Dalar

I'm an internet entrepreneur, CTO, consultant and open source lover with vast variety of technical knowledge. 

I was co-founder and CTO of gittigidiyor.com which was acquired by ebay on 2011. Designed and implemented the whole infrastructure and delegated to team on the way up. Worked on areas including IT team management, agile software development, testing, system administration, network, security, storage network and etc. 

I also worked on other internet projects like secretcv.com which is the second largest recruitment site of Turkey.


Giscard monod de froideville

No matter what DNA, market or maturity, I fill in brands. I build them, connect them, (re-)position and strengthen them. I am an experienced CMO with a strong digital profile, excellent creative skills and a clear vision on market trends. A generalist with smart strategic and commercial insights, tons of experience and a Master degree. I have managed large teams, big (inter)national accounts and launched start ups too.



Our team is always growing. Check out our current openings here. 

If we are not hiring at the moment, we still want to talk to everyone who supports our mission and thinks he/she can add value to our team. Send us an email!


Any other questions about working for Yearn or one of our clients? Start a chat!