It’s not everyday, jobs land in your lap.

Yearn is a referral platform. We ask our network of Superconnectors to refer the best people they know to jobs.


What’s better about
applying via Yearn?

Personal recommendationS go a long way

No cold introduction, the company knows about you already by what your Superconnector told about you.

Be one of only5-10 candidates

Instead of being picked from a stack of Linkedin profiles, through Yearn you get focused consideration from the company. 

Higher chanceson getting hired

Your Superconnector can tell (and sell!) a lot more about your skills and personality then a recruiter, or your CV can. 


So, someone referred you for a great job.
And now what?



Asset 17@4x.png

Interested in the job?


Yearn reviews and shares your contact details with the company


Keep track of your application on your private dashboard

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Go get ‘m!


Get hired and we give you €250 to celebrate!