You might think you're good...

...someone else might think
you're great!


With Yearn, finding an opportunity is easy and rewarding.

Whether it's for you or for someone you know, the best matches are made through personal connections.

Recommend someone you know to great jobs, or request a recommendation when you want to be considered.

Unlock opportunities for each other. Yearn



"Yearn is the future when it comes to match-making between company and talent. When I see a cool job, I recommend someone directly from my network. Everybody wins!"


Jodi Leunissen  

Interim Recruiter @ Swapfiets

Superconnector @ Yearn


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"Yearn is definitely a game-changer for recruitment. Applying through personal recommendations is unique and benefits all parties involved”

Rico Robinson

Interaction Designer @ B&G De Mooij

Superconnector @ Yearn



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UNLOcking opportunities

Browse jobs on the Yearn platform. Pick what types of jobs are relevant for you and the people you know. All companies and jobs are curated by Yearn.

We'll send you updates when new jobs are available for you.

It's all about the recommendation

Recommend people you know to jobs they'll love.

See an opportunity you're interested in? Apply yourself by requesting a recommendation from someone else!

Get serious consideration

Instead of being picked from a stack of Linkedin profiles or CVs, through Yearn you get focused consideration from the company.

A Superconnector can tell (and sell!) a lot more about someone's skills and personality then a recruiter, or CV can.

Rewards along the way

Recruitment should be about personal connections. With Yearn you get rewarded for making the match.

€500 for introducing a company

Know a company that is looking for talent? Offer them €500 discount on activation and when they sign up - you get a €500 reward!

€1.000 For a hire

When your recommendation results in a hire at the company -  €1.000 cash is yours! 

€250 signing bonus

The person that gets hired receives a €250 signing bonus!


Find an opportunity for you or someone you know