Big changes coming!


Over the last months we’ve been brainstorming, building, designing, and testing a big product update to make your experience with Yearn better. Over the next 3 weeks, we will release features we build based on feedback from companies, Superconnectors and candidates. Besides small functionality updates, there will be major changes to the way you work with Yearn.



Through Yearn, Superconnectors recommend people they know to jobs. If the company was interested they would need to ask the Superconnector to supply contact details of the candidate.



From now on, the candidate in the driver seat. Candidates can accept the recommendation of a Superconnector and apply for the job. By answering a few questions, the candidate can let the company know why he/she thinks they're the best match for the job. This way, the candidate can give input on the recommendation, offering the company better insights on incoming talent.

Candidates will now have an active role in the Yearn platform and can easily sign up to become a Superconnector and browse through all the opportunities Yearn offers.

What does this mean for...


Candidates will get an active role within the Yearn platform. This means you confirm a recommendation by filling in some questions, giving you the opportunity to sell yourself to the company. 

  • Let the company know why you think you're the right fit
  • Get directly in contact with the company as soon as they're considering you for the job
  • Easily upgrade to Superconnector to see more opportunities at different companies



From now on, Superconnectors can easily recommend someone and share the job with this person. After that it is up to the candidate to confirm and apply, but you will still be kept up to date on the status of your recommendation in a brand new page. Also, you will now be able to request recommendations from others, when you want to apply for a job yourself!

  • You make the connection, the rest is up to them
  • Easily share opportunities with people you know, your recommendation is valid as soon as they accept
  • See an opportunity you like? Apply by requesting recommendations from others



Companies will benefit from the new flows of recommending and applying via Yearn. There is more information, motivation and data gathered from the Superconnector and the candidate. Also, companies will see a fully redesigned overview of candidates, offering them the most important information in a clear overview. Found a candidate that you like? Contact him directly. 

  • More enriched insights about each candidate
  • Direct access to candidates you're considering
  • Re-designed overview of incoming candidates 


Yearn is about unlocking opportunities for each other. We are working towards a transparent, honest and efficient platform that will change the way recruitment works. Thank you for being on board!