Introducing: Superconnector Personal Profiles

Yearn is changing the way jobs and talent find each other. Because we are walking on an unpaved road, at times this is a very bumpy one. What is great is that our Superconnectors and Clients are always happy to share their feedback with us at all times. Often, this brings us insights that teach us a lot.

At the beginning of 2017 we received more and more feedback from Superconnectors about the amount of emails they received. There were even examples of Superconnectors leaving Yearn because they were fed up with having a full inbox every day.

That is where we draw the line. From this point on, we will let the Superconnectors tell us what they want. We will quit the spamming and implement a more efficient way to bring jobs and candidates together.

Our aim is to bring companies the best talent fast. We thought, to do this, we needed to inform our Superconnectors as soon as we had new jobs, status updates or requests. This resulted in a lot of automated emails. Combined, we have sent our Superconnectors over 24.000 emails in our first months after launch. Some Superconnectors received over 10 emails per week, asking them if they knew any candidates for a new job.

Personal Profile

Instead of telling Superconnectors what to do, they can now decide for themselves how they want to work with Yearn.

Personal Information

In this profile Superconnectors can edit personal information such as address, email-address and profile picture.

Introducing a personal Yearn Account, allowed us to grant the Superconnectors the power to configure their relationship with Yearn.


Notification Preferences

Superconnectors can now set their own email preferences. They can pick when they want to receive emails, with the option to receive them once a day, once a week or immediately.

Daily or weekly emails will be sent out at a convenient time to make the life of a Superconnector easier.

Job Type Preferences

In the near future, Superconnectors will also be able to add and change their Job Type Preferences. This means instead of taking the time to communicate with our Client Success Team, a Superconnector can easily pick the types of jobs he or she would like to receive.

More Jobs

The Yearn concept is based on the fact that people can recommend candidates from their network to jobs that are relevant to that network. However, we found out that our Superconnectors are willing to help us out even when jobs are not typical for their expertise. Everybody comes across someone once in a while that works in a completely different industry.

With the option More Jobs, Superconnectors can choose to receive more jobs, even when they are outside of his expertise. Practically this will mean that with every new job email, 2 additional jobs will be sent under the header “But wait, there is more!”.

Dream Candidate Description from Clients

Superconnectors have asked us for a description of the Dream Candidate for a specific job.

This helps to get a clear picture on who the company is looking for. Someone can fit all the requirements of a certain job, but still not be the one a company is looking for. The Dream Candidate Description will tell just that little bit extra.

Improved Candidate Status Management

We improved the update-structure on the candidate status throughout the process to keep Superconnectors better informed.

Yearn Loves Feedback

None of this would have been possible without the help of our amazing network of Superconnectors. 600+ people, sticking with us through spammy days is amazing and shows the confidence there is about our concept, thanks!

Just know that from the Yearn HQ in Amsterdam, a growing team of dedicated people is working every day to improve the product in any way possible.

All the best,

The Yearn Team