Helloprint meets Yearn

Fast growing e-commerce company Helloprint is growing their 150+ team. Helloprint uses Yearn as an extension of their in-house recruitment team and is saving the company the costs of hiring an extra Talent Sourcer. Through Yearn, Helloprint can count on an ongoing supply of quality candidates for a fixed price.


“You can see that the founding team of Yearn has a lot of experience in recruitment. They understand the industry and the pain that a lot of companies have when looking for talent”.


About Helloprint

Helloprint is the biggest online printing service of The Netherlands. The company was founded 4 years ago and keeps proving that printing can be done easier and faster. The team is now 150 people strong with an average age of 27. Being one of the fastest growing companies in The Netherlands, the recruitment team is always aiming to bring in the best people.


Because Helloprint is an e-commerce company, their vacancies are often very specific and hard to fill. Talent Recruiter Kelly Rapmund: “Especially Legal and Financial jobs are hard to fill for us because the best people in those fields work in the corporate world, and might not fit the culture of a scale-up. That is for us where referrals really add value. Superconnectors can actually tell us if someone is the right t, even if his resume tells me different”.

Quality instead of quantity

After bad experiences with several recruitment agencies, Helloprint gave Yearn a try. Kelly: “I am very happy with the constant supply of candidates. I like that Yearn does not focus on the number of candidates, but on their quality”. Receiving quality candidates through the Superconnector network was for Helloprint a reason not to hire an extra full-time Talent Hunter. Kelly: “If I wouldn’t have started with Yearn, most likely I would’ve hired another member to our recruitment team. Working with Yearn is cheaper for me and I can use the network to hunt for multiple roles at the same time”.


Since Helloprint signed up with Yearn in the beginning of 2017, they have placed 11 jobs on the platform. Talent Sourcer Kelly Rapmund was happy to say that she already made 3 offers to candidates from Yearn and that she successfully hired 2. “I think an average of one offer per month is really good, and I can also say we would not have found the people we hired if it wasn’t through Yearn. Especially because this is all for a fixed price!”

  • 11 jobs placed
  • 6 candidates per job
  • 1 candidate per job was interviewed
  • Every job was shared with 474 Superconnectors on average


“Yearn gives me great candidates and a lot of freedom. After accepting a candidate, I can invite them and speak to them directly, I don’t need Yearn to schedule an interview”



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